Police, Fire and Municipal Preferences

Our public service employees suffer greatly at the hand of racial quotas and preferences. This category is concerned with the oppressive racial hiring requirements that are imposed upon police and fire departments and upon municipal employees generally.Here are a few links to provide you with background on this discussion.

New Haven Firefighters: New Haven refuses to promote the mostly white top scoring firefighters on the unbiased, race-neutral promotional exams for Captain and Lieutenant. City is being sued for reverse discrimination. (12-11-06)

Pontiac Firefighters: The City of Pontiac, Michigan has been forced by the U.S. Justice Department to give white firefighters a fair and equal chance for employment within the department.

Philadelphia Fire Dept.: If you are white then this fire department cannot hire you! Quotas at the Philadelphia Fire Department trump ability.

Add your own horror story, news, or personal experience regarding reverse discrimination against Police, Fire and Municipal employees.

3 Responses to “Police, Fire and Municipal Preferences”

  1. joseph carroll Says:

    as a caucasion firefighter in a lower ny city i feel that i am wrongly being discriminated against because of my race. because of a decree that was put into place back in the early 80s to hire minority firefighters the testing system is wrong. If minorities (4/5ths) of them get a question wrong the question is deleted from the test. On the past exam 37 out of 105 questions were thrown off or deleted from the test. Is this not a form of discrimination?

  2. Tim Fay Says:

    Dear Mr. Carroll — NY has a long and sordid history of rigging its firefighter and police exams to disqualify white male applicants and to favor certain other racial and ethnic groups. YES, this is definitely a form of discrimination! For depressing facts about New York’s discrimination against white male firefighters, see particularly Suffolk County, New York. –Tim Fay

  3. C.B. Says:

    The same thing is going on with the Philadelphia Police Department. Someone needs to look into this! I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t want someone protecting me in a fire or from crime just because of the color of their skin or racial background. I want them because they are qualified!

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