Corporate Use of Quotas

Corporate America’s use of quotas and preferences is insidious and it is pervasive. The following links provide a starting point for this discussion.  These represent only a tiny handful of such cases.

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Kodak - Photo giant’s heavy-handed, oppressive enforcement of its so-called winning and inclusive culture.

Boeing - Billions paid in racial extortion. Fed’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance refused to allow Boeing to take employee evaluations and seniority into account in determining pay scales.

Big Three Automakers - Government pressure to contract with preferred races and ethnicities. Being certified as a woman owned small business was not enough for this small firm. 

Coca Cola - After this case of racial extortion, Linda Chavez brilliantly dubbed the soft drink maker Quota Cola. 

– Tim Fay

2 Responses to “Corporate Use of Quotas”

  1. daviddag Says:

    I work in a hospital in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and you don’t even have to name any one specific hospital. All have been hiring african-americans over whites in many positions from technicians, nurses aids, dietary, you name it. In Philadelphia all you have to do it get on a bus every day to see the preferences in drivers. or look at employees coming out of the main Post Office go near the Veterans administration.

  2. Ethan Says:

    People can have the Model T in any colour–so long as it’s black

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