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The general topic of this blog is the elimination of racial preferences.A more specific purpose of the blog is to discuss, document and share news about the Super Tuesday for Equality 2008 campaign.

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  • Corporate America strongly supports racial quotas and preferences. What can we do to encourage them to embrace equal treatment under the law? Boycotts? Lawsuits?
  • Voters in the state of Michigan recently approved the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI) by a 58% majority. The MCRI bans consideration of race and gender in public education, public contracting, and public employment. Yet the University of Michigan continues to publish strategies to defeat voter initiatives against racial quotas and preferences. How do we counter these misguided efforts to circumvent the will of the voters?
  • Both Republican and Democrat voters have resoundingly voted in favor of the California, the Washington State, and recently the Michigan bans on racial preferences. Yet all of their elected representatives of both major parties strongly opposed those state initiatives. How can we convince our elected representatives that they are NOT representing their constituents interests and should therefore support bans against racial preferences?
  • Why are conservatives and Republicans so afraid to promote the just cause of equal treatment under the law? What can we do as voters to encourage them to represent our interests on this issue?

Tim Fay, Moderator
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2 Responses to “Welcome to RaceBlind.Org”

  1. luvzakben Says:

    Does anyone else feel Imus was treated unfairly by firing him from his MSNBC radio talk show? His remarks were degrading and terrible. Yet I have heard much worse from comedians, both black and white, both men and women, also from rap “artists”, (for example “Eminem”). Also, Jesse Jackson has been known to call New York “Hymietown”, and other slurs. I could go on and on. And I am no fan of Imus…I rarely even watched his show….yet, this seems a classic case of “reverse discrimination”…”Rev” Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and others have acted as Judge and Jury and declared the sentence for Imus (firing him), and MSNBC caves in almost immediately. Why do others get away with this, and a well known white talk show host must take the fall for saying something so many others also say? Imus is sorry, and has apologized. This is more than anyone else has done who uses racial/sexist slurs. REVERSE DISCRIMINATION HERE!

  2. Chetly Zarko Says:

    If U-M is publishing strategies on how to defeat voter initiatives, I’d say, let’s encourage them to keep publishing them. They’re not very good.

    That is, unless you mean strategies to thwart the law once voted up on. Then I say it means investigation, FOIA, whistleblowing, and activism.

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